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Bird Proofing & Removals

Here at South East Abseiling Ltd We utilize Rope Access methods to install a full range of bird proofing systems.

Installation & Testing

The combination of technical access skills and our knowledge of lifting and rigging techniques enables us to undertake a wide range of installation work.

Vegetation Management

Our Rope Access Team have the competence and equipment to access difficult to reach places, clear the vegetation and repair and damage.


There is no denying the fact, Structures can deteriorate over time. Structural deterioration can happen to any part of the structure regardless of height and location.

Brickwork Repairs

We can replace a large patch of brickwork or just replace a single brick depending on the area that is affected. we will do this with minimal disturbance to your home or business.

Painting & Waterproofing

Applying Paint or Waterproofing products to a building or structure at height can be challenging, but our Rope Access team faces these challenges daily.

Confined Space Access

We have the capabilities to work in confined space areas, ‘low risk to high risk’. South East Abseiling have operatives qualified in Confined Space Entry and Rescue.

High Pressure Cleaning

South East Abseiling provides a specialized High Pressure Cleaning services for commercial and industrial properties. Using our ‘4000psi’ pressure washer we can clean the most stubborn dirt and grime.


South East Abseiling can offer many Geo-Technical solutions to help stabilize and retain various Cliffs, Embankments and Slopes both on the rail and Highways infrastructure. We do this in a safe and effective manner.

Structural & Photographic Surveys

Photographic Surveys are often a useful tool for building surveyors and project managers, who are unable to confirm the extent of the damage that a building or structure is suffering.

Window Cleaning

We offer a high level off service and a professional finish on window cleaning, Rope access is the easiest form to use when it comes to reaching in tough places and is the safest way on large buildings.

Shafts & Tunnels

Among the most interesting and challenging environments found on the network, Are the thousands of railway tunnels and shafts that provide ventilation to them.

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