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Tunnels & Shafts

Amongst the most interesting and challenging environments found on the network, Are the thousands of railway tunnels and the shafts that provide ventilation to them.

Like any other structure environmental decay and structural deterioration occurs over time, and regular repairs and maintenance is needed to keep them operational and mainly to keep them safe.

However, the nature of these structures requires a specific approach to make them a safe to work inside,

Here at South East Abseiling we use a method called ‘rig to rescue’ ensuring that our Rope Access Operatives can be lowered to a position of safety, without putting another operative in an unsafe position. The use of the 2-way radios we provide allows for clear communication between team members.

A combination of these methods and industrial rope access techniques means this is the safest and most practical method of working in the tunnel and shafts.

To discuss your tunnel and shaft requirements further, please call our office on 01233 634908 or email office@southeastabseiling.co.uk.

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