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Structural & Photographic Surveys

South East Abseiling ltd can provide an inspection and structural survey for the consulting engineers involved in high level structural assessment.

Photographic surveys are often a useful tool for Building Surveyors and Project Managers who are unable to confirm the extent of damage that a building or structure is suffering for a multitude of reasons.
We have worked alongside ‘network rail’ in recent projects, using Rope Access methods to access the difficult to reach places and to take photographic and video evidence of our finding.

We work on behalf of the councils, building owners and managers, and maintenance companies requiring statutory routine inspections. The information we collect can then be used to compile a detailed report as to what action, if any, needs to be taken.

We carry out tap testing on the arch ring, spandrel, soffit and parapet walls of viaducts and bridge, these identify any weak spots or hollow areas that have form over the years within the structure.
We are then able to follow up our inspection by carrying out any repairs or maintenance necessary.

To discuss your Structural or Photographic Survey requirements further, please call 01233 634908 or email office@southeastabseiling.co.uk

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