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Painting & Waterproofing

Here at South East Abseiling we believe efficiency is the key,  We can start the exterior or interior painting of your building within hours of arriving on site, and this means you get a quicker and substantially more cost effective outcome; even ‘traditional’ painting companies who would have previously used scaffolding are now calling upon rope access companies like us for their high level painting.

Because we’ve very little equipment apart from what we’re working with at the time we were able to get on with the job so the building was painted in the shortest time. There were no delays waiting for the scaffolding to be erected; the day we arrived was the day we started to paint (or made good before as needed).

So, regardless of whether you are changing the entire colour scheme of your building or simply performing the building painting as necessary maintenance, using a Rope Access Company will save you both time and money. You’ll get a faster and more thorough job at a fraction of the price of alternative methods.

To discuss your Painting and Waterproofing requirements further,.

please call our office on 01233 634908 or email office@southeastabseiling.co.uk

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