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South East Abseiling can offer many geo-technical solutions to help stabilise and retain various cliffs, embankments and slopes both on railway and motorway infrastructure. We do this in a safe and effective manner.

Our range of geotechnical work includes:

  • Rock scaling
  • Soil nailing
  • Rock netting
  • Rock bolting
  • Erosion matting

Most Commonly we install biodegradable matting on slopes and embankments, where steep slopes require stabilisation to reduce the hazard of falling debris and landslides, the biodegradable matting is made up of coconut fibres that degrade into the embankment, shaping and strengthening over time.

There are many different types of matting from seeded to unseeded, biodegradable or permanent.

To discuss your Geo-Technical requirements further, please call our office on 01233 634908 or email office@southeastabseiling.co.uk.

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