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Brickwork Repairs

We handle all aspects of brickwork repairs, from little cracks that form in the mortar to large structural damage.

We can replace a large patches and brickwork or just replace a single brick depending on the area that is affected. We do this will minimum disturbance to your home or business as there is no need to have scaffolding installed.

When it comes to large cracks, we use a technique called stitching.

This is where stainless steel helical bars are chemically bonded into horizontal slots, cut in bed joints or drilled through the brickwork (depending on the thickness of the wall) which stitch across the crack. When installed, these bars evenly redistribute tensile forces over the reinforced area to stabilize the structure.

To discuss your Brickwork Repairs requirements further, please call our office on 01233 634908 or email office@southeastabseiling.co.uk.

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