Currently we are clearing numerous sites in Kent and Sussex for Netting inspection. 

Working on behalf of our client Coombes we are clearing rock fall protection netting of vegetation. The sites are then inspected and reports made on the condition.

We are also undertaking repair projects and failed material removal jobs across Kent and Sussex.


Dover Wellard’s Way Rock Netting Protection Installation. 

With recent rock falls at Wellard’s Way footpath SEA were contracted to install erosion and rock fall protection netting to a site in Dover.

Due to the unique shape of the embankment and the added footpath running through the site the challenge was to maintain a tidy finish and total protection to the public.

With all the hard work and planning by SEA we have completed the project to a high standard and within the planned time frame.

The project used Geobrugg G56/3 stainless steel netting, Techmat erosion protection and a full stainless steel 24mm anchor system.

Newington erosion matting and wildlife netting 2021.

Following the landslip at Newington SEA have been tasked with installing erosion protection matting and anti burrowing mesh to the newly graded embankment slope. With 1200m squared of area covered. The Team did a great job delivering and finished product with excellent attention to detail.

Dover Priory Soil Nail and Stainless Steel Netting 2020.

With over 2500m square of stainless steel netting and over 170 soil nails drilled to 5 meter depths, this is the largest project SEA have undertaken to date. 

Lots of hard work resulted in a great finished product to hand back to Network Rail.

This project shows off what SEA are capable of producing with a high level of detail and professionalism. 

Safety Boat support for Amey examination.

Our safety boat has been out this weekend as support for Amey to examine a rail structure above a water course.

We have a fully trained safety crew and support vehicles to access any location for our clients. 

Bridge examination and safety boat support.

South East Abseiling supporting both safety boat and abseiling tasks during a rail structure examination.

Showing how SEA can cover all aspects of safety and access on complex jobs such as this. Supplying a fully crewed and equipped safety boat with 4X4 support for access as well as experienced abseiling professionals to undertake examination tasks to STE4 standards.  

Roberts Bridge badger netting and anti erosion matting.

The installation of coir matting erosion protection to a newly graded slope at Robertsbridge. Over the matting is installed chain link fencing in order to stop damage from burrowing wildlife. 

Working together with the principle contractor and subcontractors on site to safely deliver the finishing touches to this project. 

Scrags Oak rabbit netting installation

Another project in kent involving anti burrowing netting. This time the installation of rabbit protection netting over 160m length area of graded embankment at Scrags Oak. 

After the embankment had suffered extensive damage from rabbit burrowing and weather erosion the decision was made to grade the embankment a then protect from further damage. 

Once SEA had finished installing the netting protect the embankment was seeded using hydroseed techniques.